Why Evolve Systems as Your Merchant Processing Partner

The world of merchant processing has certainly developed an interesting reputation for aggressive pricing, pushy sales, and transactions, transactions, transactions. Frankly, we find that exhausting. We get that price matters. Be we also get that relationships matter. Evolve Systems has been doing merchant services and providing payment solutions since 2002.

Getting paid is the single most important process of your business. And in today’s payment industry – it seems to be one of the more complicated aspects to running a company. That’s why Evolve Payment has set out on one mission: To simplify payment logistics by helping business owners design their own process for accepting funds.

Designing your payment process

Evolve Systems does Payments and Whole Lot More:

We specialize in Websites, Digital Marketing and Credit Card Services and Processing that attract and retain customers. In this digital age you need a website that delivers a great user experience and merchant processing to capture payments.  These are core requirements for almost any business.

  • Evolve Systems has been a small-to-medium business partner since 2002
  • We are a 75% Women owned and 25% Veteran owned business
    Marnie Ochs-Raleigh is a 2016 Honoree
  • We are leaders in local organizations and non-profits and sit on board of directors and committees
  • We are dedicated to giving back to the community
  • Traction-based organization – we follow EOS to ensure the client interactions are optimal

Your Benefits of Partnering with Evolve Systems:

  • We can choose from a multitude of merchant processing companies to find the best fit for you needs (POS systems, software integration, risk levels, etc.)
  • We happened to be a web development company – we get technology and we can build custom applications that support your desired process
  • We are committed to relationships over transactions. This means that we have follow up meetings with you and your team to ensure that our pricing is exactly what we promised it would be, and find ways to make your business simpler.

The Evolve Payment Process:

We love process.  It’s repeatable, it delivers results and well it’s just comforting to know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Get ready to Design Your Payment Solution!

We rely on partner companies like Evolve Systems to provide additional expertise in different segments of cash management services. Our clients prefer to know that they have local support for their merchant processing, and the team at Evolve Systems is just that — a team of local, supportive experts. They are always willing to go on joint sales calls too, which takes the pressure off of me to be an expert in credit card services. I trust the team at Evolve Systems to always do what is in the best interest of our clients. If you haven’t brought an Evolve team member with you on a joint call, I encourage you to set one up. You and your client will be impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and responsive, hands-on service.

Mary E. Stoick
Vice President - Business Banking