The Right Merchant Account For Your Kind of Business

While we offer a wide variety of services, the main question is whether we offer merchant services that will help you. More than likely we do.

Our services fall within three separate business categories: B2C, B2B and Bank Partnerships

Business-to-Consumer (B2C): These are retail environments (including retail shops, restaurants or most e-commerce platforms), and typically involve high volumes with low-ticket merchant-service-circle-merchant-services-circlepurchases. Common needs: Quick transactions (iPad table service, limited online fields, Apple Pay, etc.) that streamline to an accounting software either in real time or in a manual upload that manages inventory (some kind of Point of Sale (POS) system).

How We Help: As a web-development company, our programmers are seasoned in integrating shopping carts, gateways, and the chosen merchant processor. Given our large customer base, we also are familiar with POS systems and how to provide slick technology and low processing costs.

In other words, we know how to connect systems that work for you. If you already have a POS system or accounting system that you like…great! As a merchant services broker, we most likely have a partner that best integrates with the technologies you need for a successful operation.

Business-to-Business (B2B): One of the greatest differences between B2C and B2B companies in the merchant processing world lies in the risk levels of the transactions. Most B2B transactions involve some sort of corporate debit or credit card (this includes purchase cards or p-cards). These cards contain ‘super secret’ information that allows merchant processors to provide lower rates that reflect the lower risks.

Common Needs: B2B environments often have needs for automated billing (or recurring billing). Additionally, like B2C, automating payment logistics can be crucially important.

However, probably the most important element in B2B transactions is ensuring that your company is utilizing the proper merchant processing account.  We have saved companies thousands of dollars simply by recognizing that they were put in the wrong processing account.

Merchant Partnerships – Given our unique “broker” approach to merchant services, Evolve Systems has caught the attention of many community banks who are looking to expand their services to their merchants. Community Banks trust their client relationships to Evolve Systems and appreciate our consultative approach in selling a commodity service.

To learn more about our work with community banks, visit our Evolve Payment Alliance page.

The Evolve Payment Service Guarantee:

  • Rate and Fee Transparency
  • Assistance with Data Security and PCI Compliance
  • Payment Integration
  • Breadth of services for business to consumer, business to business and business to government transactions
  • EMV readiness


Get started Designing Your Payment Solution today!

We rely on partner companies like Evolve Systems to provide additional expertise in different segments of cash management services. Our clients prefer to know that they have local support for their merchant processing, and the team at Evolve Systems is just that — a team of local, supportive experts. They are always willing to go on joint sales calls too, which takes the pressure off of me to be an expert in credit card services. I trust the team at Evolve Systems to always do what is in the best interest of our clients. If you haven’t brought an Evolve team member with you on a joint call, I encourage you to set one up. You and your client will be impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and responsive, hands-on service.

Mary E. Stoick
Vice President - Business Banking