Evolve Payment makes payment processing easy


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Merchants & Banks

Our goal: To simplify accepting payments. Period.

If you’re situation is a little unique, and you’d like to talk through it – give us a call! If your situation is straightforward, and you just need somebody to help you get paid…great! We’re ready to help!

We work directly with business owners and also affiliate banks. We provide excellent customer service and team up with referral sources to bring you competitive priced applications, technology driven options and PCI compliant processes.

Adapt. Act. Evolve.

We’re in business to keep you in business. Evolve Systems specializes in two business verticals; web development and merchant processing with often intersect in ecommerce websites and online payment solutions or logistics. The right account, right equipment and right software are crucial to your merchant account working for you correctly.  We’ll start by determining the level of authorization you will require, the method(s) of payment collection you wish to accept, the process and equipment needed and reporting and integration requirements.



Our goal improving operations in retail environments; online or in-person.  EMV compliant solutions to mitigate your risk.
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Level 2 and 3 processing with proprietary interchange management to ensure you are getting the best rates.
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A specialized offering, unique to Evolve Systems that has benefits for you and your clients.  A partnership flexibility and profitability.
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Whether you’re trying to accept payments online, at the shop, or office, we have a solution to simplify getting paid.  With that simplicity comes real savings so you keep more of what you sell.


We ensure all of our customers are not only maintaining PCI DSS compliance, but in so doing, our merchants also receive $100,000 in fraud insurance.


Getting paid is the most important aspect of running a business. Whether you’re a large manufacturer or a small restaurant, we want to ensure you the custom software or POS necessary that matches your environment, and make it easier and cheaper to get paid.

We rely on partner companies like Evolve Systems to provide additional expertise in different segments of cash management services. Our clients prefer to know that they have local support for their merchant processing, and the team at Evolve Systems is just that — a team of local, supportive experts. They are always willing to go on joint sales calls too, which takes the pressure off of me to be an expert in credit card services. I trust the team at Evolve Systems to always do what is in the best interest of our clients. If you haven’t brought an Evolve team member with you on a joint call, I encourage you to set one up. You and your client will be impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and responsive, hands-on service.

Mary E. Stoick
Vice President - Business Banking