Google AMP and Ecommerce – Just how do they fit together?

AMP or accelerated mobile pages streamline code and design and load faster for a better user experience.  Search Engine Watch explores What does Google AMP mean for ecommerce?
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Google Shopping Network Key to Holiday Sales

Holiday shopping for the 2016 gift giving season would not have looked the same without the Google Shopping Network.
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Big Retailers Keep Adding Payment Options for Customers

Amazon has added a new payment option.  Customers no longer need a credit or debit card. See the new payment option details.
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Collecting Sales Tax in Each State an Ecommerce Nightmare

Amazon has conceded and will finally collected sales tax in all 50 states. Read more here.
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ADA Compliance and the Payment Industry

Being able to reach POS devices is an important consideration for ADA access in your retail environment.  Creating service lanes with devices that can be accessed without forcing the customer to handover private information should be a priority. Read the latest news.
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