Designing Your Payment Solution

Payment logistics are unique for each business, your needs and the purchasing habits of your customers. If your business is looking for cash management, processing equipment, virtual terminal and Point-of-Sale options, then our merchant cards processing solutions are the perfect fit for you.

We think ‘Payment Logistics’ says it all

Logically accepting payments should be convenient for you and your customers.  It should go without saying that the payment solutions you use in your business; accepting payments, balancing your inventory and books and getting paid is simple and hassle-free.

Begin by answering a few questions and we’ll help you design the right system for your needs.

  1. Do you have a merchant account set-up to match the transactions you wish to accept?
    • Level 1 — Retail and POS transactions
    • Level 2 — Purchase cards (P Cards), B2B and B2G minimal data capture transactions
    • Level 3 — P Cards, B2B and B2G maximum data capture transactions
    • Level 4 —  Card-not-present transactions
  2. Will you be accepting payments face-to-face with the card present or will the transaction be card-not-present (CNP)?
    • In-person payments mean the customer will have their credit to present to you
    • Phone, website, electronic invoicing and recurring billing are CNP transactions
  3. How does your processing equipment need to interface with your ecommerce site, accounting or other software?
  4. Do you need the ability to accept recurring payments for your products or services?

Make accepting payments easy

Unsure of the answers and options and what they mean for you?  That’s where we can help!