Evolve Payment Alliance

The Evolve Payment Alliance was created out of the pure conviction that community banks are in desperate needs of third-party vendors who understand “community.” Between mammoth core providers, out-of-the-box “corporate” solutions, and transaction-oriented companies, community banks have been stuck with high prices and low customer support.

How can a community bank serve its communities with partners who can’t adapt to that specific community’s needs? We don’t believe in making your customers conform to our products. We need to conform our products to your customers’ demands.

The world is ever-changing as technology (and it’s burdensome twin, regulation) continues to make your merchants seek new methods for accepting electronic payments.

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Building Trust

The key to good banking in the Twenty-First Century lies in trusted partnerships.  Trust may be the difference maker between the survival or extinction of the modern community bank.

We invite you to try us out before making a commitment.  Third-party vendors are constantly reaching for longer contracts with steep penalties for early breaches.  The regulatory and technology environment is changing too rapidly to lock financial institutions into excessive time commitments.  We offer a variety of term options, starting with no terms at all.

Partnerships should be profitable

As banks consider merchant processing partnerships, we believe that partnership should be profitable – not only to the bank – but to the merchant as well. We also believe that every community has its own personality and culture. As such, it’s important to find partners that can adapt to your bank’s specific community’s needs.

Through the Evolve Payment Alliance, Evolve Systems has created a partnership that is truly dedicated to the growth of communities. By providing banks a small tweak to their balance sheets for increasing profitability – by lowering processing costs for business owners – by simplifying the logistics of accepting payments – by being different – we can have a positive impact on the community you serve.

Next Steps

If this approach matches the growth strategy for your financial institution, we would welcome a conversation to learn more about how we can support your community.  You can give us a call at (651) 628-4000.  Our FI relationship managers would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the partnership.